Nicky Gormley, Howard Naylor and Michael Powell are the Principal Associates of nlg partners and between them they have many years’ experience of working with individuals and organisations in facilitating change, development and learning.

We joined together to work as a collective in 2006 as we share a similar and distinctive approach to working with people in organisations.

What motivates us is our aim to help individuals and organisations to achieve sustainable change in response to whatever challenges they are currently facing.

What characterises our approach is:

  • Starting with the “here and now”, helping people to identify and deal with their immediate priorities.
  • Encouraging and supporting people to focus clearly on where they, and their organisations, need to be in the longer term and how they can get there.
  • Working in close partnership with our clients to co-design change interventions that will work for them.
  • A strong belief that working successfully with change is a learning process both for individuals and organisations.

We bring with us a wide range of experience and skills and can operate flexibly as coaches, team & group facilitators and organisational development specialists.

Our current clients tell us they like our openness, honesty, the added value we bring and our pragmatic but bespoke approach in helping them to achieve the outcomes that matter to them.

They value the fact that we help them to find the resourcefulness they require to tackle their own problems, in their context and in their own way.